Thursday, March 19, 2015

ДДТ — Ночь (1982)

Как черна, беззвёздная ночь,
How black and starless the night is,
[how] [black.SF.F] [starless.NOM.F] [night.NOM.S]

И никто мне не может помочь.
And no one can help me.
[and] [no-one.NOM] [1S.DAT] [NEG] [be-able.PR.3S] [help.PINF]

Над землёй погребальный звон, как стон.
Above the earth there is a funeral ringing, like moaning.
[above] [earth.INST.S] [funeral.NOM.MS] [ringing.NOM.S] [like] [moaning.NOM.S]

Офицер прохрипит приговор,
The officer will croak a (death) sentence,
[officer.NOM.S] [croak.PF.3S] [sentence.ACC.S]

И палач передёрнет затвор,
And the executioner will give a pull at the lock,[and] [executioner] [pull.PF.3S] [lock.ACC.S]

И растает во мгле через миг мой крик.
And in a moment my shout will dissolve in the darkness.
[and] [dissolve.PF.3S] [in] [darkness.PREP.S] [through] [moment.ACC.S] [1SPOS.NOM.S] [shout.NOM.S]

Если б ветер мне крылья дал
If the wind would give me wings
[and] [COND] [wind.NOM.S] [1S.DAT] [wing.ACC.P] [give.PP.MS]

Перед тем, как ударит залп,
Before the barrage hits,
[before] [that.INST.S] [how] [hit.PF.3S] [barrage.NOM.S]

Я бы птицей ночною взлетел к тебе.
I would fly up to you as a bird of the night.
[1S.NOM] [COND] [bird.INST.S] [night-time.INST.FS] [fly-up.PP.MS] [to] [2S.DAT]

Прилетел бы счастливым сном
I would arrive as a happy dream
[arrive.PP.MS] [COND] [happy.INST.MS] [dream.INST.S]

И к щеке прикоснулся крылом
And touch (your) cheek with my wing
[and] [to] [cheek.DAT.S] [touch.PP.MS.R] [wing.INST.S]

Чтобы запомнить, вернувшись назад, твой взгляд.
In order to commit to memory, after having gone back, your look.
[so-that] [commit-to-memory.PINF] [return.PVA] [backward] [your.ACC.MS] [look.ACC.S]

Эта ночь длится тысячи лет.
This night lasts for thousands of years.
[this.NOM.FS] [night.NOM.S] [last.PR.3S] [thousand.ACC.P] [year.GEN.P]

Ночь убийц, расстрелявших рассвет.
The night of killers, who shot the dawn.
[night.NOM.S] [killer.GEN.P] [shoot.GEN.P.PPART] [dawn.ACC.S]

Но, поверь мне, рассеется тьма навсегда.
But believe me, the darkness will dissolve forever.
[but] [believe.PI.S] [1S.DAT] [dissolve.PF.3S.R] [darkness.NOM.S] [forever]

И не нужен мне серый гранит
And I don't need grey granite
[and] [NEG] [needed.SF.MS] [1S.DAT] [grey.NOM.MS] [granite.NOM.S]

Твоя память ведь всё сохранит
You know, the memory of you will preserve everything.
[2SPOS.NOM.FS] [memory.NOM.S] [you-know] [everything.ACC.NS] [preserve.PF.3S]

Эта память как пламя свечи в ночи.
This memory is like the flame of a candle in the night.
[this.NOM.FS] [memory.NOM.S] [like] [flame.NOM.S] [candle.GEN.S] [in] [night.PREP.S]

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