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ДДТ — История (1982)

Вот (на свиданье) я иду, настал победный час.
There (on a date) I go, the victorious time has come.
[there] [on] [date.ACC.S] [1S.NOM] [go.PR.1S] [come.PP.MS] [victory.NOM.MS] [hour.NOM.S]

Теперь я встретиться могу с улыбкой карих глаз.
Now I can meet with a smile of dark-brown eyes.
[now] [1S.NOM] [meet.PINF] [able.PR.1S] [with] [smile.INST.S] [dark-brown.GEN.P] [eye.GEN.P]

Решил я этот вечер свой с ней провести вдвоём.
I decided to spend this evening with her (as a couple).
[decide.PP.MS] [1S.NOM] [this.ACC.MS] [evening.ACC.S] [own.ACC.MS] [with] [3FS.INST] [spend.PINF] [as a pair/couple]

Друг друга за руки держа мы весело идём.
We merrily go holding each other by our hands.
[each-other.ACC] [by] [hand.ACC.P] [hold.VA] [1P.NOM] [merrily] [go.PR.1P]

А тут, крича "привет, старик", навстречу друг идёт,
But here, shouting "Hi, old man", a friend comes in the opposite direction,
[but] [here] [shout.VA] [hi.NOM.S] [old-man.NOM.S] [in-the-opposite-directoin] [friend.NOM.S] [go.PR.3S]

Улыбкой раздвигая свой и так немалый рот.
Parting his large mouth in a smile.

[smile.INST.S] [part.VA] [own.ACC.MS] [and] [so] [large.ACC.MS] [mouth.ACC.S]

это кто, ну, познакомь, прекрасна и мила.
"And who is this?  Well, get acquainted, (she is) wonderful and sweet.
[and] [this.NS.SF] [who.NOM] [well] [get-acquainted.PI] [wonderful.FS.SF] [and] [sweet.FS.SF]

Куда, старик, ее ведёшь, и как твои дела?"
Where, old man, are you taking her, and how are things going with you?"
[to-where] [old-man.NOM.S] [3FS.ACC] [lead-foot.PR.2S] [and] [how] [2SPOS.NOM.P] [affair.NOM.P]

"А впрочем, с вами я пройдусь, и ты расскажешь мне
"By the way, I will go for a walk with you, and you will tell me
[and] [by-the-way] [with] [2P.INST] [1S.NOM] [go-for-a-walk.PF.1S] [and] [2S.NOM] [tell.PF.2S] [1S.DAT]

Как жил, трудился, отдыхал, а я ... "
How you lived, worked, relaxed, and I..."
[how] [live.IP.MS] [work.IP.MS.R] [rest.IP.MS.] [and] [1S.NOM]

И вот икая я пыхтел и дёргал нервно бровь.
And there, hiccuping, I panted and nervously pulled at my brow.
[and] [there] [hiccup.VA] [1S.NOM] [pant.IP.MS] [and] [pull.IP.MS] [nervously] [brow.ACC.S]

Я с детства деликатен был хоть и кипела кровь.
Since childhood I have been considerate, though my blood boiled.
[1S.NOM] [since] [childhood.GEN.S] [delicate.MS.SF] [be.IP.MS] [though] [still] [boil.IP.MS] [blood.NOM.S]

Я мрачен стал и молчалив, он не в пример мне пел,
I became dark and taciturn, he was singing unlike me,
[1S.NOM] [dark.MS.SF] [became.PP.MS] [and] [taciturn.MS.SF] [3MS.NOM] [NEG] [in] [example.ACC.S] [1S.DAT] [sing.IP.MS]

Кричал дурацкие стихи, и на неё глядел.
He was shouting stupid verses and looking at her.

[shout.IP.MS] [dumb.ACC.P] [verse.ACC.P] [and] [at] [3FS.ACC] [look.IP.MS]

И, говоривши обо всём, остротами бросал,
Having talked about everything, he threw witticisms,
[and] [talk.PVA] [about] [everything.PREP] [witticism.INST.P] [throw.IP.MS]

А вспомнив древний анекдот, как лошадь хохотал.
And, having recalled an ancient anecdote, laughed like a horse.
[and] [recall.PVA] [ancient.ACC.S] [anecdote.ACC.S] [like] [horse.NOM.S] [laugh.IP.MS]

Всему приходит свой конец, имеет всё предел.
Everything comes to an end, everything has a limit.
[everything.DAT] [come.PR.3S] [own.NOM.MS] [end.ACC.S] [has.PR.3S] [everything.NOM] [limit.ACC.S]

А на прощанье ей в глаза взглянуть я не посмел.
And when saying farewell, I did not dare to look her in the eye.
[and] [on] [farewell.ACC.S] [3FS.DAT] [in] [eye.ACC.P] [look.PINF] [1S.NOM] [NEG] [dare.PP.MS]

Она, наморщив носик свой, обидевшись, ушла.
She, having wrinkled her little nose, offended, left.
[3FS.NOM] [wrinkle.PVA] [little-nose.ACC.S] [own.ACC.MS] [get-offended.PVA] [leave.PP.FS]

Не получился праздник наш - такие вот дела.
Our holiday did not work out - this is how things are.
[NEG] [work-out.PP.MS] [holiday.NOM.S] [3PPOS.NOM.MS] [such.NOM.P] [there] [affair.NOM.P]

А друг, он рядышком стоял, сказал игриво мне:
The friend, he stood nearby, and he playfully said to me:
[and] [friend.NOM.S] [3MS.NOM] [nearby] [stand.IP.3S] [say.PP.3S] [playfully] [1S.DAT]

"Пойдём-ка выпьем, не грусти, ведь радость вся в вине.
"Let's go drink, don't be sad, you know, all of the joy is in wine.
[go.PF.1P] [drink.PF.1P] [NEG] [be-sad.II] [you-know] [joy.NOM.S] [all.NOM.FS] [in] [wine.PREP.S]

Не променяешь ты друзей на женщин, знаю я.
You will not exchange your friends for women, I know.
[NEG] [exchange.PF.2S] [2S.NOM] [friend.ACC.P] [on] [woman.ACC.P] [know.PR.1S] [1S.NOM]

А у неё заметь, нам нужно было три рубля, рубля, рубля..."
But note at her, we needed three rubles, rubles, rubles..."
[but] [at] [3FS.GEN] [note.PI.S] [1P.DAT] [needed.NS.SF] [be.IP.NS] [three] [ruble.GEN.S] [ruble.GEN.S] [ruble.GEN.S]

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