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ДДТ — Не стреляй! (1982)

ДДТ Не стреляй! (1982) (from studio album Свинья на радуге)
Don't shoot!

Не стреляй в воробьёв, не стреляй в голубей.
Don't shoot at sparrows, don't shoot at pigeons.
[NEG] [shoot.II] [in] [sparrow.ACC.P] [NEG] [shoot.II] [in] [pigeon.ACC.P]

Не стреляй просто так из рогатки своей.
Don't just shoot like that from your slingshot.
[NEG] [shoot.II] [simply] [so] [from] [slingshot.GEN.S] [own.GEN.FS]

Эй, малыш, не стреляй и не хвастай другим,
Hey, kid, don't shoot, and don't boast to others
[hey] [kid.NOM.S] [NEG] [shoot.II] [and] [NEG] [boast.II] [other.DAT.P]

Что без промаха бьёшь по мишеням живым.
That you hit live targets without missing.
[that] [without] [miss.GEN.S] [hit.PR.2S] [along] [target.DAT.P] [live.DAT.P]

Ты все тиры излазил, народ удивлял,
You have been to all the shooting ranges, surprised the people,
[2S.NOM] [all.ACC.P] [shooting-range.ACC.P] [be-around.IP.MS] [people.ACC.S] [surprise.IP.MS]

Как отличный стрелок призы получал.
Received prizes like an excellent shooter.
[like] [excellent.NOM.MS] [shooter.NOM.S] [prize.ACC.P] [receive.IP.MS]

Бил с улыбкой, не целясь, навскидку и влёт,
(You) hit with a smile, not aiming,  offhand, and in flight,
[hit.IP.MS] [with] [smile.INST] [NEG] [aim.VA] [offhand] [and] [in-flight]

А кругом говорили: "Вот парню везёт!"
And around they used to say, "Look (over there), the guy has good luck!"
[and] [around] [say.IP.P] [over-there] [guy.DAT.S] [luck-go.PR.3S]

Не стреляй! (5 times)
Don't shoot!
[NEG] [shoot.II]

И случилось однажды, о чём так мечтал.
And it happened one time, that which he was dreaming about.
[and] [happen.PP.NS.R] [once] [about] [what.PREP] [so] [dream.IP.MS]

Он в горящую точку планеты попал.
He found his way into the burning point of the planet.
[3S.NOM] [in] [burning.ACC.FS] [point.ACC.S] [planet.GEN.S] [find-one's-way.PP.MS]

А когда наконец-то вернулся домой,
But when he finally returned home,
[but] [when] [finally] [return.PP.MS] [to-home]

Он свой старенький тир обходил стороной.
He kept his distance from the little old shooting range.
[he] [own.ACC.MS] [little-old.ACC.MS] [shooting-range.ACC.S] [go-around.IP.MS] [side.INST.S]

И когда кто-нибудь вспоминал о войне,
And when anyone reminisced about the war,
[and] [when] [anyone.NOM] [reminisce.IP.MS] [about] [war.PREP.S]

Он топил свою совесть в тяжёлом вине.
He drowned his conscience in heavy wine.
[3S.NOM] [drown.IP.MS] [own.ACC.FS] [conscience.ACC.S] [in] [heavy.PREP.NS] [wine.PREP.S]

Перед ним, как живой, тот парнишка стоял.
Before him, like a living person, that guy was standing.
[before] [3S.INST] [like] [living.NOM.MS] [that.NOM.MS] [little-guy.NOM.S] [stand.IP.MS]

Тот, который его об одном умолял:
He, who was begging him to do one thing:
[that.NOM.MS] [REL.NOM.MS] [3S.ACC] [about] [one.PREP.NS] [beg.IP.MS]

Не стреляй!
Don't shoot!
[NEG] [shoot.II]

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