Thursday, March 19, 2015

ДДТ — Вечер (1982)

ДДТ Вечер (1982) (from studio album Свинья на радуге)

Вечер кричал мне тишиной, что-то печально пел.
The evening shouted to me with silence, (and) sang something grievingly.
[evening.NOM.S] [shout.IP.MS] [1S.DAT] [silence.INST.S] [something.NOM] [grievingly] [sing.IP.MS]

Вечер застыл тёмной водой в сквере, где я сидел.
The evening froze with dark water in the park where I was sitting.
[evening.NOM.S] [freeze.PP.MS] [dark.INST.FS] [water.INST.S] [in] [park.PREP.S] [where] [1S.NOM] [sit.IP.MS]

Вечер щенком глупым скулил, жалким, бездомным псом.
The evening whimpered with a dumb puppy — a poor, homeless dog.
[evening.NOM.S] [puppy.INST.S] [dumb.INST.MS] [whimper.IP.MS] [poor.INST.MS] [dog.INST.S]
Вечер со мной день хоронил, думая о другом...

The evening buried the day with me, thinking about something else...
[evening.NOM.S] [with] [1S.INST] [day.NOM.S] [bury.IP.MS] [think.VA] [about] [other.PREP.NS]

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